hey :)

at first we have a new jewelery set for you. you can buy it as a pack or purchase single items:


 and we made you some new necklaces!
they all come for male & female shapes for 2 different attachment points, chest or spine.
all unisex.

some bloody stuff first: 

now u have the choice, cut or uncut:

the enigma necklace was a hunt prize a few months ago. we decided to pimp it and give it more options in texture changing:

some nice warm knitted leggings in a pack of 10 colours:

and last but not least something for your home:

if you are wondering why the vendors look different, we will be redoing all vendors and thats what they will look like.we hope you like the new look. 

nearly forgot to tell that we are participating in the diamond is mine hunt this month:

for infos, hints & pictures of the prizes.
 our prize for this hunt:

have a good weekend everyone and take care :)
daizy and lynaja